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Planning Consultancy

Arpen Consultancy delivers on serving a diverse clientele, including landowners, estates, developers, and promoters. Our team thrive in the face of challenges presented by the ever-evolving planning system, offering proactive and professional consultancy services.

Our specialisation lies in identifying and unlocking opportunities for landowners, both on immediate and strategic sites. Our comprehensive advice extends to both private and public sector clients, covering a wide array of matters, such as initial Planning Appraisals, representation at Planning Committee, Examination Hearings, and Appeals. Delivering successful outcomes time and again.

Development Consultancy & Brokerage

Arpen Consultancy specialises in providing comprehensive and professional land services to facilitate the successful execution of development opportunities. Our expertise encompass each aspect of the development process, serving as trusted advisors to both landowners looking to unlock the full development potential of their land and developers looking to support communities with new homes.  

Setting up unconditional, conditional, option, promotion or hybrid sale agreements is what we do best. Whilst working with solicitors on the detailed terms whilst looking after landowners’ interests throughout. Our experts strive to undertake detailed site appraisals seeking to maximise the value of development sites for landowners.

Biodiversity Offsetting

Our specialised biodiversity offsetting service is tailored to address the dual objectives of sustainable development and environmental conservation. As developers strive to bring their projects to life, we understand the need to balance progress with protecting our natural ecosystems.

Our expert team conducts comprehensive biodiversity assessments to identify potential impacts on sites, working closely with developers to design innovative offset projects that restore, enhance, and protect biodiversity. Our proactive approach not only ensures regulatory compliance but also promotes a positive reputation for environmentally responsible development.